Suppose you have recently acquired a new commercial property in the Elk Grove Village area or are considering upgrading your commercial property. In that case, we have excellent options for you to replace your commercial storefront windows and glass doors. We have over 45 years of experience working with contractors and property owners to install, replace, and repair commercial glass throughout the Chicago area. In addition, we are skilled at working with the city's exit codes and installing ADA-compliant doors.


If you're looking at replacing your windows in Chicago or the Chicago suburbs, you must find the right company with the right crew. We have skilled glazers who know how to install small pieces of glass in commercial settings and the complicated 2 or 3 stories tall that need scaffolding, swing stages, boom lifts,  or crane operators. We encourage you to do your homework and read through reviews and see what our customers have said about our competitors and us and see how we stack up against the other local companies.

Our sales team understands how complicated it can be to install new windows or glass doors inside your property, and we work with you to get the correct & proper measurements & the right design. We do all this along with the replacement or installation of glass at the right time so as not to disrupt your business and keep things moving smoothly.

We have been one of Old Castle's "Top Producers" in the Chicagoland for the last 3 years in the storefront glass installation company, and we've done this by offering exceptional service with competitive pricing. Each of our glazers is skilled with a minimum of 5 to as much as 35 years of experience installing and replacing the commercial glass. We don't leave anything up to chance and stand by all of our work.