You can attract more customers to your business by installing a glass front. To protect the interior of your business from the elements, you must maintain a glass front, such as a storefront or curtain wall.

Glass Storefront Installation And Repair

In addition to being strong enough to withstand winds and impacts, the glass used in the storefront must also be clear enough for those inside to see outside. In addition to bringing light into a building, glass portions of storefronts reduce the amount of energy used for lighting. In contrast to glass storefronts made without insulated glass, insulated glass also reduces the effect of outside temperatures on indoor comfort.

Glass Storefront Repair

Glass storefront doors and frames are not only installed but also repaired by Commercial Storefront Glass Chicago. Leaks in the system are one of the most common requests we receive. If the storefront has any air or water leaks, our team will investigate them diligently. Additionally, to prevent future water damage, we recaulk the seals once again, preserving your money.

If your storefront or door is damaged, we can repair it as well. If you notice cracks or other damage to your storefront doors, don't hesitate to get in touch with us to repair the glass.

How to clean storefront windows & how to clean storefront doors

It is not difficult to clean storefront windows and doors. Follow the following steps:

1) Soak the glass in water

Alternatively, you can use a cloth/rag wetted in a cleaning solution to apply the solution.

2) Clean off fingerprints and debris

For this purpose, use a cloth or rag. You may use any method that feels comfortable to you for wiping off fingerprints and debris.

3) Wipe off the glass with a dry cloth after wiping the solution and water off

It is simply down to what you prefer to do. There are several ways to accomplish this. Some people use a squeegee to perform this step. Others use a simple, tough but absorbent towel.

4) Paint the window or door edges with detail

You can skip this step if you wish. But it is worth doing it for a better look. Wipe the window or door edges with a dry towel or cloth in one motion per side. Clean the window and or door of any excess water.

How to install storefront windows

It is essential to follow the instructions from the supplier since different procedures may be necessary if there are slight differences among the products.

When choosing windows for storefronts, stay away from those with T-shaped or cross-shaped connections. When designed this way, the window has a concentrated pressure point. As a result, leaks and deterioration can increase. In other words, full-height doors that lack transoms are better. The doors will also look and feel much better, as well as saving money, putting the risks at a minimum, and saving high labor costs.