What types of glass does your Commercial Glass Company install?

What types of glass does your Commercial Glass Company installThere are many types of glass, and its manufacturing process varies according to its use. At Commercial Storefront Glass Chicago, we provide and install all of the following types of glass and many other products.

Acoustical: Used in offices, boardrooms, retail stores, and other commercial applications. This type of glass is designed to meet noise reduction requirements and provide security. 

Blast Resistant: Made from tempered glass, this type is designed for impact resistance and can help prevent the fragmentation of broken glass. 

Bullet Resistant: This type of glass is designed to shatter into small pieces rather than large, sharp shards when broken. It can be used in commercial buildings and public spaces where the threat of a shooter is possible.

Detention: Made from laminated glass, this type of glass provides security and safety, and it meets the necessary standards that detention centers must follow for glazing.

Fire Rated: When glass is fire rated, it has met the minimum requirements for a fire rating. Depending on where the glass will be used, different ratings are required.

High Performance: This type of glass is designed with performance standards in mind. It is used for glass walls, storefront glass, shower enclosures, and other applications that require superior performance. 

Insulated: Insulated glass is energy efficient, reducing the amount of heat transfer into your home or office. It also helps keep interiors private by providing soundproofing, thermal insulation, and weather protection. 

Laminated: Laminated glass has an added layer of material fused into two or more sheets of glass. When broken, the interlayer holds the panels together and prevents dangerous shards from flying outward. 

Low-E: Low-E stands for low emissivity, which means that this type of glass reduces thermal energy transfer while also offering protection against the sun’s ultraviolet rays. 

Mirror: This is a type of glass used in polished or etched form for decorative and security applications. Mirrored glass can be installed into custom frames and made to any size, making it an excellent choice for home mirrors and other types of wall reflecting. 

Monolithic: Monolithic glass is a single-sheet construction with a Low-E coating on both sides. It offers soundproofing, thermal insulation, and protection from the sun all in one glass package. 

Reflective: This type of glass can be used for architectural applications where a shiny surface is required to reflect light and increase energy efficiency. Reflective glass also helps to reduce solar heat gain and glare, making it ideal for commercial buildings and more.

Safety: Safety glass is a type of laminated glass designed to break into small pieces when broken, which helps minimize the risk of injury from sharp or pointy shards. 

Security: Security tempered glass contains a high-strength wire that provides added resistance against impacts from objects such as baseballs, rocks, and more. Tempered glass also causes the glass to shatter into small pieces rather than large shards, minimizing the risk of injury. 

Seismic: This type of glass is designed specifically for buildings required to follow seismic codes and standards. It can help prevent dangerous shock waves from affecting your employees or loved ones.

Commercial Storefront Glass Chicago installs all of the above types and many more. We pride ourselves on excellent service and craftsmanship, and we always do our best to exceed your expectations. If you need a glass company to help with your commercial building or home, give Commercial Storefront Glass Chicago a call today.

Commercial Storefront Glass Chicago provides the finest in commercial glass replacement in Chicago. Our company is skilled at installation, repair, and upgrades and can replace your building or office’s storefront glass. 

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