How big is the Average Commercial Glass Window?

Are you in the market for a commercial glass window? If so, you may be wondering how big the average window is. You might also want to know more about specific sizing guidelines for your industry. 

Generally speaking, commercial glass windows and doors must abide by legal guidelines. Standards dictate that commercial glass doors should be between 32 and 41.50 inches wide, but these measurements vary by industry. It is best to consult with your local commercial glass experts to learn more about size requirements specific to your business or project specifications. 

Other factors that will affect the average window size include how much light you need in an area, which direction the windows are facing, and how much of an obstruction you can tolerate (neighbors, trees, etc.). Additionally, the size of your space will influence what kind of glass you choose. For example:

If a company has large open spaces and wants to flood their office with natural light to encourage productivity, they would select larger windows that let in the maximum amount of light.

If a company has smaller, private offices or cubicles within an open space, they would want windows that are looser with more privacy features for employees. For example, glasses are available that can allow natural light to come through while still seeing out and maintaining some level of privacy.

Window size is just one of the many important factors to consider when selecting commercial glass. Work with your local experts to find the best option for your business. 

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